Western Carolina University Lower Campus Residence Hall

Cullowhee, North Carolina

The project will consist of the new construction of campus residence halls east of the Memorial Drive and to the west of University Way north of H.F. Robinson Administration Building on the campus of Western Carolina University. Exterior improvements will respond to the new construction and access requirements as well as programming of exterior student open spaces such level lawn areas, seating terraces, pedestrian circulation, and entry plazas.

Pedestrian walkways and circulation will be designed to correspond to the existing campus circulation patterns in the upper campus precinct. Major pedestrian pathways will be framed around the main central axis that aligns with the central plaza and fountain feature to the east. Due to the volume of anticipated pedestrian circulation through the site, a wide pedestrian promenade is proposed to accommodate east / west pedestrian and bicycle movement through this portion of lower campus. Accessible routes will be provided between each residence hall as well as from each residence hall to all surrounding uses.


Site Design

Eric Davis, Charles Bradley

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