It is the firm’s objective to provide a climate favorable to the individual advancement and professional growth of our employees. To meet this objective, we are committed to operating a stimulating workplace environment for our professionals. We are committed building a staff that functions as a cohesive unit while supporting and encouraging the excellence of each individual staff member.

Each designer at Surface 678 has at their workstation all the tools — computers, drafting, and managerial software, and the technical and design support — to complete all aspects of the design and documentation process demanded by our projects. We tend to hire generalists — that is, people with an especially strong design foundation, but also possessing skills in the technical, graphic, and horticultural aspects of landscape architecture.

Our studio is organized to accelerate our younger staffs’ growth toward a project manager/lead designer role through a combination of directed and independent learning. Experience is gained from design and technical tasks under the supervision of a principal or senior project manager as well as involvement in larger, more complex projects as part of a multi-person team. Our strategy is to provide responsibility as an individual becomes ready to take it on.

We work in an open studio atmosphere that we believe facilitates a cross-pollination of ideas and the sharing of staff expertise and experience. 


Landscape Architect/ Project Manager

Landscape Designer – Entry-Level

Landscape Architect – 5-7 Years Experience