Duke University East-West Pedestrianway

Durham, North Carolina

A newly emerging east-west campus pedestrianway called for the creation of a set of specific design and aesthetic guidelines. The pedestrian thoroughfare extends from a future Transit Center, across the historic collegiate Gothic Quadrangle, between the expanded Perkins Library, Divinity School addition, and Pratt School of Engineering, and to a campus green created by the closure of Science Drive.

The campus pedestrianway is conceived as a complex “tapestry” of spaces, taking its design cues from the character of the adjoining buildings and architectural styles, specific pedestrian functions and relationships with other campus open spaces. The palette of paving material, walls, steps and landscape treatments along the walkway is based on a progression of those found within the historic Quad and utilizes them in more contemporary applications as one moves farther from the Quad towards Science Drive. Together, this collection of spaces and pathways will create a memorable campus place.


Master Planning, Site Design

Walt Havener

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