UNC Chapel Hill Kenan Music Building

Chapel Hill, North Carolina

The project created a campus building with a strong presence on an important street and new quadrangle that integrates service and pedestrian movements, an arts walk and a future sculpture garden. The project was designed to respond to many campus influences. Along Columbia Street, the design is contextual in its response to walkway and wall systems, extending existing treatments south. The patio will feature a coffee bar that will require lots of pedestrian porosity. The eastern side of the building anchors a new quadrangle that is loosely framed by a strong north-south walkway through Porthole Alley to Franklin Street. This access is designed to function well as a scaled pedestrian walkway and a service route for parking, deliveries and fire vehicles. The Arts Walkway is a tree-lined walkway that delivers visitors to the heart of the Arts Common District and provides services to the building.


Site Design

Eric Davis

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