Market & Exchange Plazas

Raleigh, North Carolina

Market & Exchange Plazas are historic plazas in downtown Raleigh, flanking either side of the 227 Building and connected to Fayetteville Street. Over time the two spaces have become underutilized. To bring these two important pedestrian spaces into the successful revitalization of Fayetteville Street Mall, Surface 678 provided design for the complete renovation of both plazas.

Both plazas are flanked by ground-floor businesses that were key stakeholders. The design of each plaza responds to the various uses and individual in character. The Market Plaza is designed to accommodate pop-up retail. Additional key challenges include shallow underground utilities above occupied space, on-site stormwater mitigation, and flexible site programming. The Exchange Plaza is designed with business and restaurant flair; the renovation of the ground floor of the 227 Building allows for the plazas to be seen through the building so individual but cohesive designs are planned for the plazas.


Site Design

Sir Walter Raleigh Community Appearance Award, NC ASLA Honor Award, Southeast Regional ASLA Honor Award

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