American Tobacco Campus

Durham, North Carolina

Much of the open space within the American Tobacco Campus (ATC) was underutilized due to inaccessibility and the inability to program various areas. With the increase of residential units and a high volume of daytime and evening pedestrian traffic at the popular urban Durham mixed-use development, the design team utilized historic tax credits and material selections responding to the existing industrial palette to help provide increased amenities and safety for residents, tenants and visitors.

Planning for construction on the active campus, Surface 678 worked on three key spaces at the ATC that enhance the overall pedestrian experience. An outdoor “room” that features a fireplace, seating walls, lighting and integrates existing walkways will provide additional amenities for residents living in the complex. An improved lawn terrace allows increased usage during programmed events. The gravel pathway along the ATC river’s edge was converted to a wood deck and plaza to make that unique water feature more accessible and provide enhanced interaction with the river.


Site Design

Walt Havener

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