UNC Rex Holly Springs Hospital

Holly Springs, North Carolina

UNC REX Hospital is a large community healthcare campus expansion, in addition to the existing REX Medical office building, in the historic district town center of Holly Springs, North Carolina. This future campus is envisioning to be a regional connection point that ties the surrounding neighborhoods, and also serves as a public fair ground for diverse events and public arrangements.

The new Hospital will be a 8-story building that provides full medical services to the public, with amenities like a gift shop, a small chapel, and a public restaurant, etc. The building design tries to relate the future with the past, by incorporating established historic architectural characteristics with modern design elements. The campus also features a public plaza that sits in between the MOB and new hospital. This plaza will be a key place for potential public events, and also functions as a outdoor break-time space for hospital staff and patients. Besides, the expansion also includes a central energy plant, and helicopter pad for emergency patient transfer.


Site Design

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