North Carolina Museum of Art Stormwater Pond

Raleigh, North Carolina

In conjunction with site design for the new museum Surface 678 collaborated with Steve Blake of AED (Artifex Environmental Design) to integrate the collection and reuse of stormwater. Storm water collection within the sculpture gardens is concealed in underground conveyance systems and discreet bioretention basins. Water is stored in a 90,000-gallon underground cistern then distributed to irrigation and reflecting pools. Roof water, surface runoff, and HVAC condensate on the north side of the building is routed to the cistern while surface drainage from the south side of the building goes to the pond in conventional conveyance systems and overland flow.

Upon leaving the area around the sculpture gardens water enters a naturalized stormwater swale, traveling down a series of rock weirs and pools. Water is directed to garden trays to display the process of treatment and re-use within a large scale landscape feature and pond. The project is unique in its use of highly designed and crafted stormwater devices and because of the interconnected nature of the upland sculpture gardens and the pond project. Our leading role as the Landscape Architect for the pond and new museum allows us to coordinate the overall management of runoff, delivering an integrated solution within the sophisticated landscape of the new museum.


Site Design

Walt Havener

Tri-State ASLA Honor Award, Sir Walter Raleigh Community Appearance Award, Triangle CREW Best Land Use Solution Award

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