Beech Bluff County Park

Wake County, North Carolina

The layout of the design centers around the location of the Beech Bluff County Park center along the tree line, acting as a threshold between open space and forest. The areas of high activity have been located in the existing fields in front of the park center to minimize noise spillover into the forests. Similarly, the playground which may generate higher noise levels has been separated from the park center and placed with equal distance from the east and west property lines.

A maintenance facility and event space have been located at opposite ends of the old NC 42 farm access road. The existing barn may be restored to provide a shelter and restroom around the event space and become an architectural monument to the park entrance similar to the visibility of the existing barns along NC 42. The trail network provides a variety of options through the forests and around the open space with short and longer loop trails along the journey to the wildlife viewing shelter.


Master Planning, Public Process Facilitation

Eric Davis

NC ASLA Merit Award Analysis & Planning

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