UNC NPHC Legacy Plaza

Chapel-Hill, North Carolina

Surface 678’s conceptual design for the National Pan-Hellenic Council Legacy Plaza emphasizes the important history and legacy of the Divine Nine Greek Organizations while providing a public gathering space. Located within the Student and Academic Services Buildings Plaza, the garden consists of a raised circular platform scaled to accommodate imprompt, small meetings or planned, large gatherings of any NPHC organizations. Arranged in a semi-circle within the circular brick gathering space, Surface 678 has designed 9 identical granite columns with bronze faces and colorful inset ceramic tiles depicting each individual organizations’ shield and critical historic information. Monumental granite steps lead from the large open plaza to the designed space while gentle curving brick pathways enclose and extend from the garden in order to provide comfortable ADA accessibility for all members of the community. Planting areas behind the central garden recognition area will consist of flowering trees and canopy trees, extending the wooded area northwest of the site among lawn. A border of evergreen groundcover planted along the sloped edge of the garden will navigate the small change in grade intended to distinguish the gathering space from the larger plaza.


Site Design

Eric Davis

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