• Master of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning, College of Design, North Carolina State University
  • Bachelor of Horticultural Science, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, North Carolina State University
  • Bachelor of French Language and Literature, College of Humanities, North Carolina State University

Sarah grew up in Durham with the Eno River State Park in arms reach, which grounded her with a deep affinity for the natural world. Sarah believes everyone has an innate call to the natural world, more commonly referred to as biophilia as ecologist E.O. Wilson popularized. Sarah’s main interests are detail oriented, particularly in the realm of planting design where a designer can leverage a plant’s inherent sensory qualities like texture and fragrance to engage users universally. She finds joy in the simple acts of brushing her hands against the wispy plumes of Muhly grass or hearing the crunch of Chapel Hill grit against her feet.

Through her designs as a landscape designer, she hopes to be able to facilitate small moments of joy for others. Sarah is passionate about designing landscapes that nourish the spirit, become a backdrop for creating memories, and allow for moments of pause and reflection.

In her free time, you’ll find Sarah foraging for wildflower seeds to plant in her garden, watercolor painting, or wrestling with clay on the pottery wheel.