• Bachelor of Economics, National Tsing Hua University
  • Master of Landscape Architecture, University of Virginia

Pin-Hui Wang joined Surface 678 as a landscape designer in 2021. With the interdisciplinary background of economics, she is passionate about studying the resiliency and sustainability strategies in multiple aspects of cities. Pin-Hui also conducted bio surveys in the campus and city during her undergraduate studies as a member of NTHU Nature Conservation Association. Previously, she worked on diverse projects in both public and private sectors involving placemaking of historical districts in Taipei and coastal dredging strategies in Hsinchu.

Thriving in absorbing new knowledge and putting the ideas into praxis under the collaborative atmosphere, Pin-Hui believes landscape architect is the role to “integrate multiple values and professions into the community under foreseeable scenarios”. That’s why she chose to start her career journey in A-School of University of Virginia and embraces the challenges in each design opportunity. 

Pin-Hui grew up near a large riverside park in Taipei Region, Taiwan. She loves going cycling and walking with friends and enjoying the dynamic landscapes along Tamsui River from urban to rural, and vice versa through different routes. She brings this habit to each city she lives.