“Learning and curiosity are the best elixirs for staying young.”

  • Master of Landscape Architecture, The Ohio State University

Lizi Huang joined Surface 678 as a landscape designer in 2019 and brings strong collaborative, creative, and public engagement experience to the firm. As a landscape designer, working closely with project managers, Lizi prepares and updates construction and rendering documents.

She thrives in being a team player in the open working atmosphere, which enables her to communicate and absorb new ideas, learn new software, broaden her horticultural knowledge, and enhance the community through architecture.

Lizi’s professional fulfillment comes from acquiring diverse design perspectives, growing in the practice of comprehensive design processes, and deepening her knowledge of company-client relationships.

Her growing portfolio includes working on the Guilford Technical Community College Promenade, Research Triangle Park’s Park Point, and NC Central University’s School of Business projects.

Lizi’s love for landscape architecture has its roots in her childhood upbringing. Raised her farming grandparents in the countryside, Lizi witnessed buffalo plowing the ground, the changing of seasons, and indulged in catching insects and identifying different flowers in her grandparents’ yard. These childhood influences led to her current career path, which brings her a sense of joy and accomplishment.

Along with traveling, Lizi is passionate about discovering diversity amongst varying cultures and customs. “Travel is a good teacher who shows me how to become a decipherer. A landscape architect is also a storyteller and dream maker.”