Kyle Gename


  • Bachelor of Arts in Biology and Environmental Studies, Macalester College
  • Master of Landscape Architecture, University of Virginia

Kyle Gename has been a landscape designer with Surface 678 since 2019 and brings a wide range of experience in biology, environmental studies, and ecological research. Previously, Kyle worked on many projects involving mammalian population surveys and phenological research on major, high-desert vegetation types in New Mexico. 

As a landscape designer at Surface 678, Kyle performs traditional drafting and rendering tasks; testing out and training colleagues on Vectorworks drafting software; creating 3D modeling, surface terrain modeling, and rendered 3D models in Twinmotion; and developing planting tools and schedules.  He appreciates the focused atmosphere of Surface’s studio space and the open, collaborative environment amongst his colleagues along with the genuine camaraderie.

Kyle’s greatest professional satisfaction comes from interacting creatively and intimately with his community to design beautiful public spaces and to fight for equitable access to that space. For Kyle, the public realm serves as an opportunity for community engagement to ensure that everyone may enjoy the sincere beauty and possibility of landscape. He is continually inspired by architectural designs that transform mundane materials into profound works. 

Outside of work, the native Wisconsinite enjoys reading, fiber arts, and baking—specifically, recreating his grandmother’s secret recipe for a babka-like, cinnamon bread.