• Bachelor of Arts in Geography, University of Georgia
  • Master of Landscape Architecture, University of Virginia
  • Master of Urban and Environmental Planning, University of Virginia

Growing up, Janie Day had what has become a privilege of near infinite access to space outdoors. She spent as much time as possible outside – whether “rock climbing” on a 4’ wall with her brother, planting with their dad, or exploring their grandmother’s backyard, rich in evident hi[stories].

It’s these [stories] that Janie Day has yet to define, that keep pulling her in – into the depths of soils as she tests methods of presenting the particles’ stories in ways perceptible to humans, into the throws of community gardens where one collard green can elicit very different stories from her human community members, into the creek beds finding the next rock for a fort…

What brings these all together, Janie Day doesn’t quite know, but she entered the field of Landscape Architecture to further her research into and familiarity with the landscape architect’s media – soil, Earth, vegetation—all of which contain grounding threads of explanation for the deep connections they harbor to our pasts, presents, and futures.

At Surface 678, Janie Day is learning the practice of Landscape Architecture as she provides support in developing drawing sets, with a particular excitement regarding planting and grading plans – the subtler story-telling tools. They look forward to learning more from the caring and knowledgeable designers and landscape architects of Surface 678.