• Bachelor of Fine Arts, Craft and Material Studies, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Master of Landscape Architecture, University of Virginia

Colleen grew up in Charleston, SC and moved to Richmond, VA in 2011 to pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Craft and Material Studies at Virginia Commonwealth University, where she specialized in woodworking, sculpture, and installation. She worked as a draftsperson in residential architecture before deciding to pursue her Masters of Landscape Architecture at University of Virginia. Having lived and worked in the South for most of her life, Colleen’s research investigates under-represented histories in the region, while exploring opportunities for social and environmental justice in landscape design and management. At Surface 678, Colleen enjoys the creative challenge of bridging the material and detail scale with larger socio-ecological ethics.

In her free time, Colleen is an avid hobbyist in everything from gardening to pottery to cooking. She is also an explorer, and recharges through traveling, camping, and hiking with her fiancé and dog. Her favorite plant is the saw palmetto, queen of the understory in the longleaf pine forests of her hometown.