Surface 678 - Allied Health Building

UNC Wilmington

The Allied Health and Human Sciences Building at UNCW is a 145,000 square foot, $66,000,000 project that will house the new Health and Human Services College, the Center for Healthy Living, existing academic programs in Health and Applied Sciences and Social Work, as well as classrooms and laboratories. Surface 678 is designing the outdoor spaces, and is tasked with completing the sciences quadrangle, activating Walton Drive and improving pedestrian circulation and connectivity with the surrounding campus. Walton Drive, which is bisected by the main pedestrian thoroughfare through Campus, Chancellor’s Walk, connects the recreational areas of campus to the residential areas. The College of Health and Human Services wanted to activate Walton Drive by providing outdoor gathering spaces and promoting social interaction. The two nodes to east and west of the building serve as flexible spaces for studying, student organizational meetings and recreational space. The informal plantings around the building enhance the native forest cover of longleaf pine and understory oak typical throughout the campus, but also includes native perennial gardens along the secondary pathways for student circulation around the building. The completed sciences quadrangle is designed to host activities, such as the Student Involvement Fair, outdoor classes, or the Graduate School Open House.