Market and Exchange Plaza Work Featured on The City Show

Surface 678 founder and president Walt Havener and Charlie Bradley, a landscape architect with Surface 678, joined The City Show to discuss plans for downtown Raleigh’s Market and Exchange Plazas.

Grant Meacci, the director of Raleigh’s Urban Design Center, was also included as a panelist.

The segment was filmed and released on Feb. 11, 2014. The clip involving Bradley, Havener and Meacci is accessible via Surface 678’s Vimeo channel.

The City Show is hosted by Jayne Kirkpatrick and produced by the Raleigh Television Network. The monthly show is streamed online and via public access Channel 11. It’s meant to provide citizens of Raleigh with information regarding community events, city news, and public affairs. You may also view the episode in its entirety or archives via the station’s official website.